Current project

I am working as a PhD-student in the lab of Prof. Dr. Astrid Kappers, at VU University Amsterdam, faculty of human movement sciences (FBW). In my project we investigate human parameters for haptic control and human perception of haptic feedback. We perform psychophysical experiments on touch and proprioception to find out how humans perceived forces, distances travelled in 3D space, etc. Moreover, we try to build theories on why humans perceived these properties in this way.

The novelty of this project is to establish the human capacity for perception of haptic feedback and then use this information as input parameters for the software architecture and control algorithms. These control algorithms depend on accurate information about human perception. My project is part of the STW-program Human-Haptics, which is aimed at developing new solutions for haptic feedback in remote controlled operation. The program is a cooperation of several companies and universities, like VU University Amsterdam, TU Delft, TU/e Eindhoven and UTwente.

Through the links provided on this page, you can find more information on the project and the players involved.

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